Jared L. Howland


A more complete list of my projects can be found on my Vitae.

Omeka S Module: AnyCloud


Creating a module for the open source digital asset management system Omeka S to allow libraries to store their content on the platform of their choosing: the server the system is installed on or their choice of cloud services (Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage, DigitalOcean Spaces, Wasabi Cloud Storage, Scaleway Object Storage, Rackspace Files, or Dropbox). View Project on GitHub

Data Management System


I have been working on creating and implementing a system to store and use data to help the library evaluate and assess our collections in an organized and meaningful way. I presented the results of this project at a national conference and at a multi-national North American conference.

Collection Development Suite


I am working on a Collection Development Suite that I proposed as a significant enhancement and expansion of the Collection Development Database to consolidate collection development tools for subject selectors assessing their collections. When complete, this will be a significant contribution to the library community as it will show what is possible with current data and systems and open doors to new ways of evaluating collections.

UALC Resource Tracking System


I created a system for the Utah Academic Library Consortium (UALC) to track licensing, pricing, usage, and other data about the resources licensed for consortia members. Before undertaking this project, this information was not readily available to consortium members. I originally built this to help the HBLL track collection development projects.

I presented this to UALC who then decided to use this as the system to track important consortial purchases and licenses. Unique contributions include creating custom templates and add-ons for the WikiMedia software, which the system was based on, that allows administrators of the system to update information and have it propagate to other pages so information is always up to date.

Scopus PHP SDK


Scopus is an abstract and citation database created by Elsevier. It incorporates important bibliometric data about publications (journal articles, books, and other published materials) to help researchers find high-quality research. It is also used to help researchers determine the relative strength of the publications they wish to submit manuscripts and to track various measures of quality of their existing publications.

This unofficial PHP SDK makes it easy for institutions to integrate the quality metrics into their websites, personal vitae, and institutional repositories. As of 17 June 2020, this has been used in at least 53 projects at various institutions. View Project on GitHub

Journal Assessment Tool


I created a database that allows us to determine the number of places we have access to all our journals. We can see overlap and cancel subscriptions without losing access to any content. I have built, rebuilt, and redesigned the system multiple times since 2008 and it is an ongoing project that requires maintenance and time to find the best data available. I presented this at the Electronic Resources and Libraries Conference and have received requests from multiple libraries to learn more about the system. View Project on GitHub